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An Adult Developmental Vocational Program (ADVP) is a day/night service which provides organized developmental activities for individuals with intellectual or other developmental disabilities, or to individuals with physical disabilities, to prepare the individual to live and work as independently as possible. The activities and services of ADVP are designed to adhere to the principles of normalization and community integration. Specific professional services provided (routinely or occasionally) to some, but not all, clients of the day program by professionals not assigned to the program, shall be reported and accounted for as a part of regular periodic services as defined (e.g., Screenings, Evaluations, individual or group Outpatient Treatment/Habilitation).  This service is available for a period of three or more hours per day; although, an individual may attend for fewer than three hours. There should be a supportive, therapeutic relationship between the providers and consumer which addresses and/or implements interventions outlined in the service plan. These may include personal and community living skill development, compensatory or adult basic education, training in cognitive, communication and motor skills, use of leisure time, vocational evaluation and adjustment, work skills training, and paid employment. This service is intended to assist individuals to prepare to live and work as independently as possible. This is day/night type of service under NC Administrative Code T10:14V .2300.  This service focuses on assisting the individuals in becoming connected to naturally occurring support systems and relationships in the community to provide and enhance opportunities for meaningful community participation.

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