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NC Innovations Day Supports provides assistance with acquisition, retention, or improvement in self-help, socialization, and adaptive skills, which take place in a non-residential setting, separate from the home or facility in which individual resides. These services focus on enabling the individual to attain or maintain his or her maximum functional level and shall be coordinated with any physical, occupational, or speech therapies listed in the person’s plan of care. In addition, habilitation services may serve to reinforce skills or lessons taught in school, therapy, or other settings. The service meets the day programming needs of individuals who choose to attend or receive services provided by a licensed facility, such as an Adult Devlopmental Vocational Program (ADVP) or Developmental Day. Community activities that originate from a licensed day facility will be provided and billed as day supports. On site attendance at the licensed facility is not required to receive services that originate from the facility. This provides the opportunity for individuals who attend or receive services provided by a licensed facility to receive some or all of their habilitation in the community. This service may not be provided at the same time of day that a person receives Home and Community Supports, Individual and caregiver training, Personal Care Services, Respite Care, Residential Supports, Specialized Consultative Services, Supported Employment, Transportation (CAP), or one of the regular Medicaid services that works directly with the person such as Personal Care Services, Home Health Services, MD/DD/SAS Community Services, or individual therapies. It may not be provided on the same day as Adult Day Health. 

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