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New Horizons Adult Day Services is proud to serve the community as the Lead Agency In Yadkin County for the Family Caregiver Support Program and Home & Community Care Block Grant In Home Aide Services.

There are many facets of employment services that are lacking in official definitions but these services will be provided alongside of other services based on the needs of the consumer and the referrals received from VocationalRehabilitation counselors in the area. These miscellaneous services include community based assessment where employment specialists will accompany individuals into the community to assess for job possibilities and vocational skills; Vocational evaluation is also part of this assessment process and will be performed based on the needs of the individual and the authorization from the payor source and/or DVR. In-house work adjustment is another facet of employment services that brings the individual into the vocational facility to assess needs and skills, both the current skill set and any needed skills to help the individual become successful.

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